by Trevor Hopkins

I sat in the office and put the two tickets to the show at the Midnight Square on the worn leather of my desk. I looked at them for a long while. I was certain I had to attend. Balloch had been quite insistent, and he was still the only lead I had in this case. But I wondered who I could invite to attend as my guest. Indeed, what did I want from such a guest? Professional backup, in case of a problem? Personable company, in case the show was boring?

In the end, I elected to invite a fellow professional. Not a professional investigator, though, but a person I could probably rely upon to be unshocked by anything to be seen in a burlesque theatre show, as well as sensible enough to at least duck out of the way if the bullets should start flying.

I leaned forward over the desk and picked up the telephone. Then, after a few moments additional cogitation, I put the receiver back on the rest. This was a request which would play better delivered in person.

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