by Trevor Hopkins

Coupar Angus

Couper Angus is a realtor. He is a larger-than-life personality, with a booming voice and crushing handshake. He is one who probably likes to think he is coming across as avuncular, but ends up just being a bore.

Couper Angus habitually wears a loud double-breasted suit with a waistcoat buttoned tightly over his expansive belly, with a gold fob-watch on a chain. His receptionist and assistant is Belna Moon.

One of the cast of characters from the Findo Gask series of hard-boiled fantasy detective novels by Trevor Hopkins.

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The series currently comprises nine books, all in various stages of completion:

Most of the characters in the novels are based on place names in the Perth and Kinross region of Scotland, many of them close to the tiny village of Findo Gask.

Coupar Angus road sign Coupar Angus (Gaelic: C├╣bar Aonghais) is a small town in Perth and Kinross, Scotland, situated eight kilometres south of Blairgowrie. It is located on the A94 Perth-Forfar road, although the town centre itself is now bypassed.

Coupar Angus is at the centre of the rich agriculturally heartland of Strathmore, situated on the southern side of the River Isla, some 14 miles north east of Perth and 12 miles north west of Dundee. The Grampian Mountains are a short drive to the north, while to the south lie the Sidlaw Hills.

The name Coupar Angus serves to differentiate the town from Cupar, Fife. The town was transferred from the county of Angus to Perthshire in 1891, but retained its traditional name.

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