by Trevor Hopkins

Monzie Hosh

Proprieter of the Starfield Club, Monzie Hosh is reputed to be a gangster and racketeer. He had an illicit affair with Alva Vale, wife of Merton Vale.

Hosh is later found dead in suspicious circumstances, in Findo Gask's apartment.

One of the cast of characters from the Findo Gask series of hard-boiled fantasy detective novels by Trevor Hopkins.

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The series currently comprises nine books, all in various stages of completion:

Most of the characters in the novels are based on place names in the Perth and Kinross region of Scotland, many of them close to the tiny village of Findo Gask.

Hosh Farmhouse sign The Glenturret Distillery is located on the banks of the Turret River two miles north west of Crieff in Perthshire, Scotland. The distillery is hidden in the valley and its secluded location may have contributed to its early history as the site of several illicit bothy stills. The high hills to either side of the distillery were thought to act as lookout points for the smugglers.

Sign for The Hosh The distillery was originally known as Hosh and was originally owned by the Drummond family. "Hosh" comes from the gaelic "cois", meaning foot.

Brae of Monzie sign A settlement in Perth and Kinross, Monzie lies on the Shaggie Burn, 2 miles (3 km) north of Crieff.

Monzie road sign Monzie Castle combines an early laird's house dating from 1634 with a late 18th-century Gothic building with corner towers designed by John Paterson for General Alexander Campbell. The white-harled parish church of Monzie was rebuilt in 1831.

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