by Trevor Hopkins

Findo Gask - Backstreet Magics book cover The Kingdom of the Goblins is a myth now almost completely forgotten by the human species which inhabit the surface world. Or, perhaps more accurately, it is historically out of date. Kings and Queens have long since been dispensed with; these days, the Lower Realms are governed as a Federal Republic with numerous elected representatives and all the byzantine politics that such a structure encourages.

In today's Lower Realms, Goblins for all sexes and proclivities have the same needs and drives as people anywhere, above or below the surface. Inevitably, a small minority find themselves in the thrall of, at best, exploitive businessmen and, at worst, hardened criminals. Some thrive, some go under, some broadcast a cry for help.

One of the few who can actually help under these difficult circumstances is Findo Gask. He is a resourceful and experienced Private Investigator, licensed in many parts of the surface world and all of the Lower Realms, and one with many a private scar marked on his body or concealed in his psyche.

PI Gask is a difficult Goblin to find - but one worth the effort of locating, even so. For only twenty-five dollars a day - cheap at twice the price - plus a few modest but inevitable expenses, he will rid you of embarrassing histories or expensive encumbrances, protect you from public mistakes and private misjudgements. You will find his services to be a bargain whatever, and however, you pay.

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Findo Gask - Backstreet Magics is the second book in the Findo Gask sequence. The series currently comprises nine books, all in various stages of completion:

A chapter-by-chapter summary for Backstreet Magics is under construction. An index of characters for all books is available here.

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