by Trevor Hopkins

Findo Gask - Goblin Detective book cover Down these mean streets - and these even meaner tunnels - a Goblin must go. He is tough, street-smart, one whose pride and honour separates him from the dregs and the scum of both of the Two Worlds with whom, regrettably, he finds it necessary to associate.

He is a Goblin with contacts both on and below the surface, and on both sides of the Law; a Goblin who gets the job done, asking only his usual fees - plus a few incidental expenses.

You have a problem? You want it dealt with quickly and very discreetly? You don't want to involve the cops or lawyers of either world? And you can afford his very reasonable fees? Then Findo Gask is the private eye you need.

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Findo Gask - Goblin Detective is the very first book in the Findo Gask sequence. The series currently comprises nine books, all in various stages of completion:

I have completed a chapter-by-chapter summary for Goblin Detective here. An index of characters for all books is under development.

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Findo Gask is a real placename in Scotland, a little hamlet not far from Perth on the main A9 trunk route. The road sign on the main road always gives a degree of amusement whenever I pass - as well as providing part of the inspiration for this story.

You may have already spotted that I have taken the inspiration for a great many other character names from numerous places in the vicinity of Findo Gask.

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