by Trevor Hopkins

Findo Gask - Dragon Sleuth book cover The planet beneath our feet is a busier place than most of us realise. The caverns of the Lower Realms are a world within a world; it has been the secret home of the Goblin race for many thousands of years.

These days, Goblin society is as rich and varied as can be imagined: variously wealthy and poor, mean and generous, beautiful and ugly, criminal and law-abiding. And below the Lower Realms, deeper still, in the semi-mythical and red-lit Hells, the even more ancient and mysterious race known as the Old Ones wait patiently and watch the worlds above them.

Striding these worlds, yet remaining outside them, is a Private Investigator. A Goblin with many contacts: in the underworld and on the bright surface, in the deepest Hells and on the rarely-trodden pathways and passages that link them all.

If you need help in navigating all the complexities and hazards of these many places, if you need to find something suddenly lost or somebody mysteriously absent, you need Findo Gask. And all for twenty-five dollars a day - in the hard Goblin currency, of course - plus his very reasonable expenses.

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Findo Gask - Dragon Sleuth is the sixth book in the long-running Findo Gask sequence. The series currently comprises nine books, all in various stages of completion:

A chapter-by-chapter summary for Dragon Sleuth is under construction. An index of characters for all books is available here.

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