by Trevor Hopkins

Findo Gask - Sherlock Eclipse book cover The cool dark caverns occupied since time immemorial by the Goblin race - and an uncatalogued assortment of other more mysterious creatures - is almost unknown to the humans who reside in the upper demesnes. Even so, all are people: all with their own drives and desires, passions and poisons, advantages and antipathies.

Like all things mortal, all these peoples grow old and tired and slow - albeit at a pace which is different for each. The Goblins live lives measured in centuries and look down - metaphorically speaking, of course - on the mayfly human existence. But there are other races, more ancient still, whose existence is measured in even longer spans, who share the underground caves.

The Goblins live amost completely separated lives. Few ever visit the surface, or even wish to do so, except under most unusual circumstances: perhaps deeply personal or entirely practical, or perhaps even just dependent on the phase of the moon. And even fewer humans venture into the caverns below.

One of the few who do regularly visit the world of the humans is Findo Gask, even now at the pinnacle of his career as a Private Detective. Whether you have a quandary requiring intervention in the Lower Realms or a predicament whose resolution requires personal attention in the sunlit world, then Detective Gask is still the one to fulfil all your needs for investigative services. And all for the inordinately modest sum of twenty-five dollars a day - reasonable alternative payment schedules accepted - and a few carefully-documented expenses.

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Findo Gask - Sherlock Eclipse is the ninth and final book in the long-running Findo Gask sequence. The series currently comprises nine books, all in various stages of completion:

A chapter-by-chapter summary for Sherlock Eclipse is under construction. An index of characters for all books is available here.

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