by Trevor Hopkins

Findo Gask - Deadly Enchantment book cover The deep caverns and hidden places of the Goblins house a world both strange and wonderful. It is a world where enchantments really do work, where cheap glamours for everyday use are commonplace, and black-market magics can be obtained easily enough if you have the right contacts in the right bars.

Of course, exporting such magics from the Lower Realms to the surface world of the humans is frowned upon in general terms and in practice policed with commendable efficiency. But the cops and customs officers are neither infallible nor incorruptible, and so it is not unheard-of for an occasional contraband glamour to make it through.

Magic on the loose inevitably causes trouble, mainly for the authorities who exist to deal with such matters: the problems that the people on the surface don't know how to handle. The mere existence of the demesnes of the Goblins is a closely-guarded secret and those in positions of responsibility do not wish that secret to become too widely known.

But if the smuggled magic is of a more private and personal nature, one where the police might be unsubtle or indiscreet, then assistance of a different kind is needed: in particular, the services of Private Investigator Findo Gask. For a merely nominal fee of twenty-five dollars a day, plus authorised expenses, PI Gask will track down and return your contraband magic. And, with luck, nobody will be any the wiser.

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Findo Gask - Deadly Enchantment is the eighth book in the Findo Gask sequence. The series currently comprises nine books, all in various stages of completion:

A chapter-by-chapter summary for Deadly Enchantment is under construction. An index of characters for all books is available here.

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