by Trevor Hopkins

Argaty Dupplin

Clathy's grandmother. A frail invalid who walks with the aid of a stick, and who lives in the same apartment as Clathy.

One of the cast of characters from the Findo Gask series of hard-boiled fantasy detective novels by Trevor Hopkins.

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The series currently comprises nine books, all in various stages of completion:

Most of the characters in the novels are based on place names in the Perth and Kinross region of Scotland, many of them close to the tiny village of Findo Gask.

Argaty derives from the Gaelic aird, "height", and gaoth, "wind" and means "windy height". Argaty is a farm estate located just over a mile northeast of Doune, Perthshire, Scotland. The present Argaty House dates from the 1800s with baronial additions in the 1860s and 1920s.

A mansion house in Strathearn, Perth and Kinross, Dupplin Castle lies 5 miles (8 km) southwest of Perth. Built in 1828-32, it replaced an earlier castle destroyed by fire, the seat of the Hay Earls of Kinnoull. The mansion later became the home of Perth whisky baron John Dewar, Lord Forteviot (1856 - 1929).

Dupplin Estate entrance Dupplin Estate rear entrance Dupplin Estate front entrance

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