by Trevor Hopkins

Trinity Gask

Younger sister to Findo Gask and Nether Gask.

She once had to be restrained by Findo Gask from cutting the ears from Forneth Butterstone, a Goblin she was to have married, when she discovered his infidelity.

Trinity is now a feisty and independent-minded female who now operates a bodyguard business in the Lower Realms. She also has a number of other business interests.

One of the cast of characters from the Findo Gask series of hard-boiled fantasy detective novels by Trevor Hopkins.

Findo Gask - Goblin Detective book cover Findo Gask - Backstreet Magics book cover Findo Gask - Underworld Investigations book cover Findo Gask - Graveyard Flatfoot book cover Findo Gask - Gumshoe Glamours book cover Findo Gask - Dragon Sleuth book cover Findo Gask - Moonlight Shamus book cover Findo Gask - Deadly Enchantment book cover Findo Gask - Sherlock Eclipse book cover

The series currently comprises nine books, all in various stages of completion:

Most of the characters in the novels are based on place names in the Perth and Kinross region of Scotland, many of them close to the tiny village of Findo Gask.

Trinity Gask road sign A hamlet in a parish of the same name in Perth and Kinross, Trinity Gask lies on the Gask Ridge, 4 miles northeast of Auchterarder.

Trinity Gask Parish Church dates from 1770 and its old manse, Trinity Gask House, was built in 1779. The associated graveyard is filled with lichenous headstones and dotted with Yew trees.

The remains of an ancient Roman road with associated signal stations traverses the Gask ridge to the north.

Trinity Gask church Trinity Gask church

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